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In my former life I was a teacher, a runner, a voracious reader, a wife and a mother.  Today I am an author, a walker, a voracious reader, a wife, a mother and a grandmother.  The big news is - writing has become an all-consuming passion.  In my spare time I enjoy cooking, traveling and hanging out with my high school sweetheart and our family. I currently reside  in Lancaster County, PA.  I don't have any pets at the moment, but I used to have a dog named Dog and a cat named Meow.


My first book, THE LUCKY ONE, published in February, 2016, is based on my mother's memoir, was published on February 20, 2016.  Now, I have published my historical novel. CALEDONIA. It's a multi-generational story of two courageous young women who are engulfed by world events of their time: 9-11, New World colonization, and the Spanish Inquisition. Read an excerpt below. The book is available at Click on the link next to the book.

The sequel to Caledonia is coming. It's entitled MANNAHATTA. It will be out in early 2021.


Coming Soon!

Spring 2021

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Excerpt from Sherry V. Ostroff's 


New York, 2005




It was time. All of my dad’s affairs were taken care of except for one last task, a safe deposit box at a large bank in lower Manhattan. I put off emptying the contents because it was the final act of a tragic play with no encores. I feared if I wrapped up this last bit of business, I had accepted his death. 


That’s how I found myself in a dank subterranean vault. I gathered up the contents of the box, balanced them in my hands, and walked out of the small room made available for the customer’s privacy. Wiping away a tear and sniffling quietly into a tissue, I handed back the nondescript key to the gray-haired bank clerk.


She eyed me sympathetically over her half-rimmed glasses attached to a chain around her neck, as I fumbled my possessions. “Miss Duncan,” she said, “maybe this will help.” She held out a plastic grocery bag. I guess she’d seen many come unprepared.


“Thank you,” I mumbled through my tears hoping she heard me. 


I just wanted out of there. I ran up the steps and exited into the blinding sunshine, flipped on my sunglasses, and worked my way up to mid-town and Penn Station. 


My grandparents let me know beforehand what the box contained. There were no surprises, nothing of consequence: three $100 EE United States savings bonds, a copy of a title for a car sold years ago, a Boy Scout badge, a locket with my baby picture and a few strands of hair, and an envelope.


I held the plastic bag close and boarded the train that plied the northeast corridor of the New Jersey Transit. It would take over an hour and sixteen stops to reach the end of the line in Trenton. The train was full of people returning home after a day of working, shopping, or sight-seeing. A short elderly woman, who reminded me of my grandmother, sat next to me.


She smiled and complained at the same time, “My feet.  These shoes are killing me.” She kicked them off and leaned back in her seat. I nodded. I wasn’t in the mood for talking. Not today.


Unfortunately, older people talk to almost anyone. The woman tried once more. “Hi, I’m Rose. Wasn’t today beautiful? If I had comfortable shoes I would’ve done more shopping.”


I didn’t want to be rude, but all I could manage was a weak, “Hanna. Yes, today was nice.”  What I wanted was to be left alone, lost in my thoughts remembering my dad and another perfect summer day that seemed to mock a national tragedy. On that day there hadn’t been a cloud in the sky to block out the sun or diminish the sky’s brilliant blue. For me, it was the coldest and dreariest day of my life. The day my dad was murdered.

The woman gave up, pulled out a book from her bag, and began to read. 

After a few minutes the train jerked forward. I settled in for the long ride home and tried to make myself comfortable even though there was never enough room for my long legs. Late arrivals scurried from car to car hoping to find a seat, only to be grateful to lean against a wall or a door. Some passengers were immersed in their phones or newspapers. Others stared blankly out the window. But the car filled with chatter as passengers discussed the latest gossip or the events of their day.  

As the train lumbered toward its first stop in Secaucus, I clipped back my unruly hair, leaned my head against the cool glass, and gazed at the New York skyline. I would never get used to the missing twin towers. Their absence was like a gaping hole in a mouth full of teeth. No matter how you tried to cover it up, the smile was never the same.


Awards for Caledonia

Indie Diamond Book Award - First Place Adult Fiction

Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion Award

  • Exquisitely Compelling D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
Readers say:
  • Sherry Ostroff has obviously done a lot of research. You can tell she’s been to Scotland and she can’t help tucking in nuggets of Scottish history, geography, present day and ancient customs and life styles.
  • Ostroff pens a magnificent story in CALEDONIA.
  • CALEDONIA is a wonderful, well-researched historical novel. Besides being highly entertaining, it is educational as well. It teaches the reader about a period in Scottish history that not many people are familiar with. These are the two ingredients that make for great story telling.
  • An informative and absorbing story that drew me in from page one and kept me reading until the end
  • I did not want to put this book down.
  • Fascinating tale. The author combines history, romance, and suspense in this narrative.
  • Move Over Outlander
  • Very well researched. A fantastic read. I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend.

SYNOPSIS: 1918 was a terrible time to be Jewish in Russia.  The Revolution was raging and anti-Jewish riots were claiming thousands of lives and destroying property. Escape was difficult and dangerous. One way out was to flee to the United States, but the government was in no mood to extend a hand to refugees desperately seeking safe harbor.  Into this milieu, Ita Pogrebisky,

The Lucky One, was born.


are available in paperback and e-book formats at


What's The


The Lucky One


  • Readers who enjoy memoirs, and especially those who look for sagas of struggle to survive and flourish against enormous odds, will appreciate Sherry V. Ostroff's attention to bringing her mother's words to life....  D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Readers Write:

  • Author Sherry V. Ostroff has given readers a gift.

  • A gripping story of a time and place unknown to most people.

  • Sherry has created a beautiful biographical memoir.

  • This book is a piece of living history.

  • The Lucky One - definitely a 5 star review

  • This is the second work I’ve read by Sherry V. Ostroff and want an incredible story of overcoming incredibly difficult odds.


The Lucky One, Caledonia, & Mannahatta

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April 26, 2021 - Pathways Institute - Mannahatta

August 11, 2021 - Philadelphia Hadassah - Caledonia

November 1, 2021 - Carlisle Library Book Club - Mannahatta

November 14, 2021 - Keneseth Israel Holiday Bazaar, Elkins Park, PA - Book Signing

May 1, 2022 - Fox Chase Cancer Center - Book Signing


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